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Start 2023 Off With a Bang

Get clear on your priorities and set an intention for the new year 


Have you ever chosen a word of the year?

This is a great way to bring focus and intention to your new year ritual.

Instead of a resolution, you are declaring your desires to the Universe. You are deciding how you want to feel, which is a different approach to new year traditions.

Whether you choose a word every year, or this is your first go round, it can be difficult to narrow it down.

Rather than overthinking it, why don't you let me help you with that?

In your 60-minute 1:1 session, we will


This special service is available only until the end of January

This is a great way to dip your toe in my water. If you have thought about coaching with me but aren’t quite ready for that level of commitment, this is a great way to see what goes down in 1:1 sessions. Spoiler alert: you will come away feeling seen, energized, and empowered.


Book your session now for $111

  • 60 minute 1:1 session on Zoom
  • Support choosing your *perfect😘* word of the year 
  • A word integration exercise
  • A beautiful custom designed digital graphic (delivered within a week of your session)
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